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This polarized blog is asymmetrically divided into personal and scientific posts. Please feel free to skim through the category that better suits your interests.

Science posts are about cell biology, and breast cancer, as well as lab (true) stories, science news and commentaries, and hopefully career development reports.

Personal posts include everything else: music, food, travels, gardening, scarfs and mittens, bread and muffins, orchids and pictures, and anything in between.

As with cell polarity, blog polarity is somehow dynamic and sometimes science can leak into the personal domain, and I am afraid that most of my science is deeply rooted into my personal experiences. I cherish the overlap because I believe that it usually makes both better, for the most part, although things do get a bit blurry at the work-life junction.

Many thanks for your visit. Whatever path took you here, I hope this helps in sorting you to the most poignant posts, and encourages you to contribute and come back soon.

And if you like it so much that you want to make sure to keep up to speed with our progress, please subscribe to the site feed for excerpts and new post alerts. Happy reads!


Written by polarizedpostdoc

June 16, 2009 at 10:09

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