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I am a low-notch postdoc at a top-notch institution in or around NYC, cutting myself oftentimes with the edges of breast cancer research. I was a cell biologist back at my country of origin, and still consider myself one. Everyday I leave my DNA (most commonly in the form of sweat and tears) at the bench in the quest to uncover the mysteries of life, or better yet, of my life, before it breezes through and it is all filed behind me in faded pictures and archived blog posts.

Some days I get a tad discouraged with science, especially when the weather is jammed and the traffic rains down heavy, but for the most part it remains my first, true love. And it is a hard-earned, rollercoaster-ride love. The kind you would want to write novels about, if you were not so busy curing cancer. And thus I was both thrilled and scared when I woke up one day to the realization that my pipetting days were nearing their end, but I gathered my scattered wits anyway and started to smooth out a transition into science writing. All my friends and self-appointed experts suggested that I should start by writing on a blog, so there, your complaints might be kindly directed at them. I´ll take the compliments, though, thank you.


Written by polarizedpostdoc

June 12, 2009 at 16:55

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